10 Piece Ratchet Spanner Set 8-19mm

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10 piece ratcheting combination spanner set. Combined ring/open ended spanners with a 12 point ring. Ratchet with flip reverse and offset by 13° for use on flat surfaces. Same size at both ends. Chrome vanadium. Satin finish. Supplied in a handy storage wallet.

 10 Piece Ratchet Spanner Set 8-19mm

  • 10 piece set combined ring and open ended spanners with a 12 point ring
  • Sizes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19mm
  • Ratchet with a flip reverse lever to change direction with one hand operation
  • Ring end offset by 13 degrees to enable use on flat surfaces and protect your knuckles
  • 72 teeth gives a working arc of just 5 degrees
  • Made of Chrome Vanadium
  • Satin Finish for increased grip in oily environments
  • Supplied in a handy durable storage wallet with hanging holes
  • Manufactured and designed in accordance with DIN3113A in high grade chrome vanadium steel.
  • The ring head is offset 15 degrees to facilitate use even on flat surfaces.
  • All ring heads are equipped with Teng Tools "hip grip" system, which means the contact surface grips on the flat surfaces of the nut or bolt head rather than on the corner. This system helps to prevent damage to nuts and bolts and makes it possible to grip nuts and bolts which already have damaged corners.
  • A Typically Teng new design in combination spanners that gives an anti slip grip on the open end as well as the Teng hip grip function where the spanner drives on the flank of the fastening rather than on the corner.
  • Two design features that combine to give a much better grip with much less risk of damage to the fastening.
  • The design also gives grip on fastenings with worn or rounded corners.

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