1 inch Drive Ratchet Head and Power Bar

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1 inch drive heavy duty ratchet with a detachable head. The ratchet is manufactured to full professional quality standards and features flip reverse action with a knurled handle. DIN 3122D.

 1 inch Drive Ratchet Head and Power Bar

  • 1 inch Drive Heavy Duty Professional Quality Detachable Ratchet Head and Power Bar
  • Flip reverse action for changing the rachet direction with one hand
  • 24 teeth gives 15°ratcheting angle while maximizing torque
  • Socket retainer and quick release in the ratchet head for safety
  • Compact head design permits use in confined areas
  • Chrome Vanadium
  • All Teng Tools sockets and accessories are individually marked and manufactured from high quality chrome vanadium steel to comply with the latest DIN and ISO standards.
  • All sockets are produced according to Teng Tools "hip grip" system, which means the socket grips on the flat surfaces of the nut rather than on the corner. This system helps to prevent damage to nuts and bolts and makes it possible to grip nuts and bolts which already have damaged corners.

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